Pictures of paintings for you to enjoy.  I used to paint a lot - mostly in oil.  Now I mostly do other things, such as egg art!  But I still do some painting on a smaller scale.  Hope you enjoy!  Most of these are my designs.

Scroll below to see pictures of classes recently taught - painting resin Santas and the kids painting birdhouses!                      Fun for all!!
The two pictures above are pen and ink drawings on watercolor paper and tinted with watercolors.  
The top picture is pen and ink with watercolor; the bottom picture is painted in oils.  
Above is an oil painting.  The winter scene is done on canvas; the bird is painted on the mat.  Both are painted in oils.
The picture above is painted in oils on canvas.  It was adapted from a picture on a calendar.
An oil painting on canvas.
An original oil painting designed by Kay.  Painted for my sister who loves Clemson.  I painted a lot of these for Clemson lovers! Doesn't he look like a smiling content tiger?  Must have just beat Carolina.
Above painted in oils on canvas for Benny!
This picture is painted with oils and done entirely with a pallet knife.  
My favorite oil painting.  Most of this picture was painted using a pallet knife.
Two oil paintings on canvas.
Another oil painting on canvas of a lighthouse.
An old mill painted in oils on canvas.  This picture was also mostly painted using a pallet knife.
An oil on canvas - reminds me of my grandparents old farm house!
An oil painting - painted on mitentes paper.
An oil scene painted on canvas.  The part outside the oval is painted on the mat.
Pictures of fruit painted on wood.
Magnolias - painted in oils
Iris; painted with stencil paint.
Rhonda's beautiful USC Santa!!
Benny is supervising!!
Jean and Betty - such concentration!!
Finished Santas - Guess who painted the ORANGE one!!
Janet hard at work on her Santa;  Have no clue what Donald thinks he's doing!!
Donald thinks he can paint a resin santa with a roller, brush and putty knife!!
Poppy on cheese box; this design is painted with color pencils.
Pictures below show the front, back and sides of a plastic trash can painted in acrylics.
Fun Easter stuff painted on clay pots and wooden items!
Kids class - painting birdhouses.                                        
  Kayla, Parker, Blaine, Berkeley, Aidan
Fall clay pot critters!
Above pictures are pen and ink with no color added
Hand painted sleds using acrylics
Hand painted miniature sleds and sleigh; tree ornaments
These two pictures are painted on painter's drop cloth (6' x 10').   The painting is of the old Jerusalem and was painted for our church's Easter program.  One picture was taken with a flash and the other without a flash.  Research took approximately 15 hours to find a similar picture; then I drew the pattern and transferred it to the drop cloth.   i have approximately 46 hours of painting time involved.
Easter - 2014 - Convent Baptist Church 
Painted sleigh with fawn, rabbits, squirrel, chipmunk, raccoon, and birds