Goose egg art for you to enjoy!     Also see Christmas Eggs for more ornaments.
Goose egg with mouse musicians!
An Original Design by Kay
Goose egg ornament with Bible and candlestick.  An Original Design by Kay
TRACTOR:  Goose egg ornament with Hallmark tractor. Background is a Kinkade calendar photo. An original design by Kay,  made for my brother, Aubrey.
These goose shells are cut and carved with a high speed drill.  Both are Originals by Kay
EAGLE:  Egg painted with Gilder's Paste.  Same design as the gourd eagle. Original by Kay.  This egg passed the Novice Level of the Masters Egg Judging.
Note:  See Gourd Art for a link to the Gilders Paste Web Site where you can find complete instructions for the eagle.
SKATER:  Goose egg painted blue; lattice oval in back.  Inside has an ice skater on the pond.  Design by Kay.
Goose egg is worked with a rose cross-stitch design done in jewels.  A lipstick tube on the bottom turns and rotates a platform upward.  A quail egg cut in the shape of a basket sits on the platform.  The basket is filled with hand made clay flowers.  Pictures show the egg closed and open with the basket raised.  Made by Kay - Adapted from a Joan Huff design.
SUSPENDED QUAIL - A goose egg with fancy scrolls and lattice.  Inside is a quail egg with a cameo.  The quail egg appears to be suspended in space!  A Design by Kay.
ROSES:  Goose egg has lots of porcelain roses.  It hinges open to reveal a decorated quail egg lying on the satin lining.   Designed by Kay. 
Goose egg is cut with scrolls and lattice.  Inside is a Precious Moments December magnet.   Kay's design.
Spring Garden; Lady in yellow walks along a rock path
Ice skater shows her talents.
Lattice back of the two eggs shown above.  Both Designed by Kay.
Goose egg hinges open to reveal a glass piano on a base.  Turn the tube at the bottom of the egg and a platform raises the piano upward.  Designed by Kay and adapted from a Joan Huff design.
Cute little tiger with a football!
None other than Clemson Tigers!
Golfer - egg donated to the Silent Auction for S. C. Brain Injury Alliance, May, 2008.  Designed by Kay.
This goose egg was designed by me for entry in the Master's Egg Judging.  It features a goose egg covered completely with faux pearls, green seed beads and roses worked with jewel flat back stones.  The rose on top is cut from a scrap egg shell.  The pictures above show the front with a pearl pull to open the door; the back with a larger rose; the inside with a pearl vase and porcelain roses; and the top showing the egg shell rose.  I worked hard on this design; however, it wasn't good enough for the judges and it didn't pass.   too bad.  I decided not to enter again.
This goose egg is completely covered with faux pearls and flat back stones.  It has a scalloped door that opens to show a gold butterfly resting on velvet.  The butterflies on the egg are hinged and then cut away from the egg shell so that they look as if they're flying.  This egg was made by Kay - adapted from a Joan Huff design.
A working clock is mounted on a decorated goose egg.  The pineapple underneath revolves.  A Russ Hagen design.
Goose egg with lots of lattice.  Inside is handmade clay mouse and candies.  Original design by Kay.
Mouse/candies by Debbie Botts.
Snow skiers having fun!
Goose egg hinges open to display cardinals in the snow.  Decorated with Swarovski siam stones.  Designed by Kay.
Jewel box hinges open.  Decorated with Swarovski sapphire and clear stones.
Goose egg hinges open to reveal a quail egg pendant.  These can be made in birthstone colors for birthday gifts.   Designed by Kay.
Green Glamour - goose egg is painted light green and decorated with peridot stones and bow.  Design by Kay
Grape Cluster - the goose egg to the right has been worked with a grape cluster using Swarovski amethyst and light amethyst stones; the leaves are made from sculpey clay and have Swarovski peridot stones covering them.  The oval is filled with tiny glass beads.  Designed and made by Kay.
Purple cameo ornament.  A Marcia design made by Kay
Goose egg with guinea insert with cardinals.  Designed by Kay.
Easter Bunny basket designed by Kay - Bunnies made by Debbie Botts.
Goose egg painted purple; bunny is hand painted on the egg; hand painted dots circle the bunny.  D/M by Kay
Goose egg has lots of lattice and scrolls and 3-D flowers.   Fairies play inside among the flowers.   Pictures show the front and side.  Designed by Kay.
Umbrella Picnic - designed and taught by Kay for the S. C. Egg Art Guild.   Goose egg is designed as an umbrella; little mouse and picnic items inside were made by Debbie Botts.
Goose egg hinges open to reveal a beautiful baby girl inside.   Porcelain baby made by Marilyn Powers.   Egg designed by Kay.
Hand painted baby bluebirds.  by kay
Chickadee pen and ink with watercolor.  by kay
Teapots using duck eggs!
Crazy Eggs; made from vintage/family jewelry