Triple egg.  Rhea, Goose and Starling.  A Design by Kay.   Featured in the July IEAG Magazine!  I was very honored!!
Rhea Egg Art - enjoy !!   See "Christmas Eggs" for more rhea eggs.
Rhea egg with lattice, peridot stones.  Inside is lined with velvet and a decorated quail rests on the velvet lining.  Made by Kay, this egg is a Joan Huff design.  Pictures show the egg open and closed. 
Hummingbird in a rhea with lots of lattice and amethyst stones.   Designed by Kay
Sleeping Tiger - Pictures show the front, inside, and back of the egg.  An original design by Kay -   Made for Dr. Tripp Jones for my brother Aubrey.  (Inside is part of a cotton burr from his farm - Poole's Farm)
Pink cross-stitch.  Door opens to reveal ceramic lady walking in garden.  Made by Kay, this egg is a Joan Huff  Design
Top of rhea is cut off and duck egg fits inside.  Duck opens to reveal cardinals.  Made by Kay, this egg is adapted from a Russ Hagen Design
The 3 pictures above show eggs with 'cross stitch' worked on egg top.  These are actually worked with Swarovski jewels and faux pearls.
Rhea egg is decorated with tole flowers and bead grapes.  Inside is a pond with a swan and her babies.  Pictures show front and back of egg. This egg won a blue ribbon at the fair!   Designed by Kay
Basket covered with pearls and lined with pink satin.  Decorated guinea egg sits inside.  Made by Kay and adapted from a Joan Huff design.
Snow scene - pictures show egg open and closed.  Inside features a lighted streetlight and Christmas tree.  The door has a scene with an ice skater and children playing in the snow.  Designed by Kay.
Egg designed by Kay and donated to the S. C. Heart Association fundraiser at Myrtle Beach, SC, 2008.  Adapted from a Russ Hagen design.
Tennessee Smokey - made for my very patient husband, Benny!
Swan Lake - rhea egg featuring a swan in a garden lake setting.  Back of egg has a swan lake silk print.  A design by Kay!
Rhea egg opens to reveal swan and her babies in garden scene.  A design by Kay
Farmer Aubrey pushing his wheelbarrow.  Made for my special brother.  Kay Original
Black beaded jewel box with pink roses.  Made by Kay, this egg features a pink lining.
A hunter hides in the bushes beside the pond.  Deer roam behind the fence.  Designed by Kay.
Nativity Egg!  Designed by Kay; adapted from a Russ Hagen design.
Rhea egg designed by Kay features tole apple blossoms and scrolls.  Inside is a Precious Moments painted pewter flower girl figurine in a garden with lots of clay flowers; dried flowers and a pond.  The magnolia tree is made from filigree, painted green and dipped in green fuzz; white paper flowers are added for the blossoms.  This egg won a blue ribbon at the state fair, 2009.
The Guardian Angel egg features a rhea shell cut with lattice and scrolls and worked with paper tole and stones.  Inside is the Guardian Angel figurine with a lake scene.  Sky is painted as if the sun is setting.  A Kay design.
This is a very elegant egg with dancers inside.  The egg is worked with faux pearls, gold cord, sawtooth and light sapphire stones.  The dancers stand on a velvet platform. Made by Kay, this egg was adapted from a Joan Huff design.
This baby is made from clay and sits in a beaded and jeweled rhea egg.  The shell is from Dot Cannon.  The baby is from Tik Looman.  The egg is made by Kay.
This rhea egg has a golf scene inside and I designed and made it for my niece to honor her son who was a member of the golf team at his school! 
50th wedding anniversary egg.  Designed by Kay for friends.
Black Cameo jewel egg with music box.  Designed and taught to the S. C. Egg Art Guild, this design was also the Egg of the Month for March for the IEAG.
Two adaptations of the black cameo jewel box, the egg on the left is done with a mauve cameo; the right has a painted flower cameo.  Both designed by Kay.
These designs are original designs by Kay and feature Rhea egg shells that are cut with a high speed drill.  These designs are then cleaned, painted and mounted in shadow boxes.
I formed the S. C. Egg Art Guild in 2008.  We currently have 22 members.
This egg has two doors that open.  It is decorated with light sapphire stones.  Inside is a Victorian couple dancing on a blue velvet platform.  Designed by Kay.
This egg has a kinkade print mounted in the back with a light behind the print.  A Pipka Wine Country Santa, a tree decorated in purples and bunches of grapes in the snow complete the decoration.  Designed by Kay.
Above egg was designed and created for the very special person who takes care of our rock garden at church.  The picture is of the bell tower and has a light behind it.   Kay's original. 
This egg was designed by Kay and features a hand painted house with a light inside.  The egg has lots of lattice and scrolls and uses the tole method to create 3-D flowers from the prints.  An elegant egg.   Blue ribbon winner 2008.
This egg was created and designed by Kay and features a Kinkade print mounted in the back of the egg with a light behind it.  The prayer bench was made from wood and uses painted egg shells that were broken into small pieces to create a mosaic pattern on the bench.
Rhea painted blue - with 3-D flower designs; inside is lined with blue velvet.  Kay's original
Ice skater enjoying the lighted tree.
Original design by Kay.
Egg designed for S. C. Egg Art Guild Class using Kinkade lighted houses.   Designed by Kay.
Above are versions of the Swan egg.
Below are rhea eggs that use duck eggs inside.  These duck eggs turn when the finial on top of the rhea is turned.   These are original designs by Kay.  
This egg features a 19th century garden which has a working old lamppost.  Designed by Kay.
Rhea egg with goose egg inside.  Pictures show the goose egg with front lattice (back is the same); Middle picture shows the back of the rhea egg and the last picture shows the side of the goose egg.  The goose egg turns when the pearl finial on top of the rhea egg is turned.  These eggs were designed by Kay.
This rhea egg was designed by Kay and features 2 doors with silver plated amethyst jewels and punched purple flowers.  Inside is a goose egg decorated the same as the back of the rhea egg.  There is a light inside the goose egg.  This egg won a blue ribbon in 2011.  This egg was also taught by me for the S. C. Egg Art Guild.
Egg designed by Kay for S. C. Egg Art Guild class; features the star of Bethlehem behind the Holy Family; stones set in silver, silver beads and cord and punch flowers complete the sides and back.
Christmas carousel - designed by Russ Hagen; made by me - gift to Dr. Rick 2013
Pink jewel box has flowers and butterfly cut from scrap egg shells.  Rhea egg is completely covered with jewels and beads.   Design by Dot Cannon.
Rhea egg completely covered with jewels and beads; Birds on each side are worked with Swarovski stones.  Inside is a goose egg decorated the same that has a working clock.   Designed by Dot Cannon.   (Pictures show the egg closed; opened to show the goose egg; the side and back)
Puzzle egg; rhea cut into lots of pieces and then put back together.   The pin inside bottom belonged to my mom.
Eagle egg with hand painted flag and lots of jewel scrolls.   I designed this egg and taught it to the ladies of the SC Egg Art Guild.
Spring Fever egg; pictures show the egg closed and open. This egg was designed by Ruth Jennings.
Eggs above show different designs of jewel boxes with goose egg ornaments.   This egg was designed by me and taught to the SC Egg Art Guild ladies.   Each lady chose the color of stones she desired.
Designed by Kay; Eggs taught for the SC Egg Art Guild, 2017
Rhea shell; butterfly is cut from scrap shells. Designed by Kay and taught to the SC Egg Art Guild, 2016
Gazebo eggs; Bride & Groom; Garden Lady; designed by Kay and taught to the SC Egg Art Guild, 2017.  Each person selected the color of stones they wished to use.
Egg designed by Kay and taught to the class, 2016. Features the three crosses and a painted sky.
Jeweled box; a Dot Cannon design.
Baskets designed by Kay and taught to the SC Egg Art Guild, 2017. Each basket was different with different items on the inside and each person selected the color stones they wished to use.
Stormy beach; designed by Kay and taught in 2016
A Dot design shell, the egg was decorated by Kay and features cardinals playing in the snow. A print from a card is mounted in the top inside that also has cardinals in the snow.
Elf and Kitten features a lighted tree.  Designed by Kay and taught to class in 2017.
This egg was duplicated using different color stones; amethyst, light sapphire, jonquil, peridot, rose, and zircon.  All were beautiful.  Designed by Kay