The egg shells on this page are Quail, Finch, Chicken, Mallad, Pheasant and other small shells.
A quail egg cut with lattice.  Inside is a pearl vase with hand-made clay flowers.  An original design by Kay.

A sample of the jewelry that can be made.  These are pendants and stick pins made from quail and finch eggs.
I was honored to make the egg representing Tennessee in 1999 and also in 2006 (egg was commissioned in 2005 but displayed in 2006).  Below are pictures of the 2006 egg that was on display at the White House Visitor Center.   This is a chicken egg, which is a criteria of all eggs for the display.   
The pictures - left to right:
    Front view: the egg is completely covered with pearls and Swarovski stones.  The iris on top is made from clay.
    Inside view:  Depicts the 3 regions of the state.  The mockingbird is made from clay; the iris are made from paper.
    Back view:  The state flag is made from Swarovski siam and sapphire stones
    Side view:  Shows the state name                                                                            ORIGINAL DESIGNS BY KAY
Display of various eggs
Above are guinea egg shells.  Both are designed by Kay
A bride, groom and child inside a guinea egg.  Back of egg is cut with lattice work.  An original design by Kay for Amanda
A  wood duck shell.  This egg was abandoned by the mom duck.  It was cracked in the center.  The cardinal print was placed over the crack but if you look closely you can still see the crack in the shell.
A guinea egg with a lighthouse, beach and sand scene inside.  
Samples of small shell ornaments
A partridge egg designed with a small figurine inside.
A Pheasant egg with peridot stones.  A garden scene was made with water, a swan, grass; a rock path was added and the man sitting in a lawn chair enjoying the scene.
Original by Kay
A Partridge egg was designed with a garden scene complete with lake and swan; rock path and little girl.  The egg has a lattice back with stones.  Designed by Kay.
A mallard egg cut with an oval opening and lattice back.  Inside is a garden scene with a pond, fence, flowers; a horse comes to the pond to drink; a white swan sits on the water.    Designed by Kay.
Pheasant egg decorated with Swarovski peridot crystals.  A pewter Precious Moments granny sits in a rocking chair in the garden.  Designed by Kay.
A guinea egg has a small nativity inside that has been chalked for color.  Designed by Kay
A pheasant egg has an ice skater having fun.  Designed by Kay.
Acorn pendants - hostess gifts for the Ladies Luncheon - 2013