An original design by Kay.  Ostrich Wedding Egg - New brides sometimes use these as their cake topper.  Others have them made so that they can preserve their cake toppers from their wedding inside an elegant egg.  Eggs can be made with or without a music box. 
Ostrich Egg Art - enjoy !
A design by Kay, this ostrich egg has lots of pearls and stones on the shell.  Inside a goose egg is 'cross stitched' using Swarovski stones.  The goose egg turns by turning the pearl finial on top of the ostrich egg.  The picture to the right shows the goose egg turned to the back.  This egg was inspired by Dot Cannon and her "Twister" beaded egg.
Another Kay design, this ostrich egg is made similar to the ones above and below. The goose egg inside is covered with glitter and crystals.  It turns as the pearl finial on top of the ostrich is turned.  
A design by Kay.  This egg features a Teresa Fischer fairy baby sitting inside a goose egg.  Turn the finial on top of the ostrich egg and the goose egg inside turns.  Inspired by Dot Cannon's "Twister" beaded egg.
Made by Kay, this egg is a Dot Cannon design - ostrich egg is covered with stones.  Cutout pieces of shell make the flowers and leaves, also covered in stones.
Rhett and Scarlett - Made by Kay, this is a Dot Cannon design, the ostrich egg is completely covered with stones and red beads.
This ostrich egg basket holds a goose egg which holds 3 quail eggs.  All are covered with stones and beads.  Made by Kay, this egg is a Dot Cannon design
EASTER SURPRISE - An ostrich egg cut to open.  Inside is filled with an assortment of smaller decorated eggs such as quail, mallard, patridge, finch, sparrow and starling.  Another design by Kay
CURIO CABINET:  An ostrich egg cut to open.  Inside are decorated eggs; quail, sparrow, pharoah quail, pigeon, starling, partridge.  When the doors are open, the lights inside come on.   Made by Kay, adapted from a Joan Huff design.
A design by Kay, this egg is adapted from Dot Cannon's "Twister" beaded egg.  Goose egg inside an ostrich.  A grape cluster on the goose egg is worked with genuine Swarovski light sapphire and sapphire stones.  The leaves are made of clay and overlaid with Swarovski peridot stones.  The back side of the goose egg has a basket holding wine, cheese and grapes.
Ostrich egg has flowers worked with small beads.  Inside is a goose egg that rotates when you turn the pearl finial on top.  Pictures show the inside view; side view of beaded flowers; back view and side view of butterfly cut from scrap eggshell and decorated.  Made by Kay,  adapted from a Dot Cannon design.
Amanda and Brent's wedding cake at their reception shows the ostrich egg created for them.
A JOHN DEERE original.  Made for my nephew.  Curio cabinet featues different models of John Deere Tractors with a hat placed on the base.  Open the doors and the lights around the back come on.   A design by Kay, this egg was adapted from a Joan Huff curio cabinet design..
Rhett and Scarlett - in green seed beads and clear crystals.  Designed by Kay; adapted from a Dot Cannon design.
Blue jewel box.  Made by Kay, this egg is a Dot Cannon design.
Pink Butterfly Jewel Box - Made by Kay, this egg is a Dot Cannon design.
A Dot Cannon design, this Ostrich shell is completely covered with beads and stones.  Inside is a fairy on a stack of books.  The flower lamp actually lights up so she can read at night!  This egg took a long time to bead and stone - as do all of Dot's eggs!!  The lighting mechanism was done by Carl Jennings of Alcraft Egg Artistry.  What would we do without Carl to help us with our electrical woes!!!  Egg made by Kay.
Ostrich and goose; totally covered with beads.   Made by Kay, this egg is a Dot Cannon design.
Above ostrich egg has a push-button light that can be activated.  This egg is very elegant and pretty.  It was designed by Kay for a class for the S. C. Egg Art Guild.
Another version of the "twister" egg, the rose is worked with flat back Swarovski stones on a goose egg.  Turn the peral finial on top and the goose egg turns from the rose to the lattice back with the butterfly.  Designed by Kay
The SOD FARM - I took a picture of my brothers house, designed it inside the ostrich egg with the road and the sod farm on each side.  A placed a light behind the house to light up the sky.  The egg is much prettier than the picture!  Designed by Kay
Gazebo egg was cut by Dot Cannon.  Inside designed by Kay features a garden complete with blue birds, bird bath and kitten.  Won best in show 2009.
Another version of the Wedding egg, the pictures above show the front, back and both sides.  This egg was made for Rene.
Ostrich egg with hand painted santa face with his gift list; on back is a hand painted tree with wrapped packages.  Won 1st place in S. C. State Fair painted division.   Original designed by Kay.
Atlanta Burning - ostrich egg designed around the Rhett and Scarlett Hallmark ornaments.
Thanks to Carl at Alcraft for his assistance in the lighting/wiring!!
Picture of Jill's wedding cake topper.  Picture at far right shows the egg on top of her cake.  Cake is decorated in lavendar.
Adapted from a Marilyn Powers design.      Made by Kay.
My Gaither egg - features the Gaither vocal band with Kevin playing guitar; Gloria is seated in the background.   The tiny scrolls under the tree and on the base are miniature songs written by the Gaithers that are rolled and tied with ribbon.   The tree lights up and has hand made sculpey candies decorating it.   Designed and made by Kay.
Home for the Holidays - designed by Carl and Ruth Jennings; made by Kay; features lighted trees, house and a moving train.  Plays music as the train rotates.   Outside of the egg is covered with pearls and stones.   
Pepe Lepew - Made by kay, this egg is designed by Dot Cannon.  Egg is covered with stones and beads.   Press the button on Pepe's pillow and he talks!   Above pictrues show the front-side and the back
Ostrich is cut with 3 doors all of which are decorated with different winter scenes.   Inside are ice skaters mounted on a turntable.   Designed and made by kay
Royal Jewel Box ostrich egg is designed by Dot Cannon.  It includes a little drawer that pullsl out and a matching ornament.    Lots of labor hours involved in making this egg!!
Ostrich egg completely covered with jewels and beads; Inside is a goose egg doll.   Egg is designed by Dot Cannon.
White Christmas designed by Dot Cannon; I included a light inside the white porcelain tree which was not part of her design.
Ostrich egg decorated with silver-plated light sapphire stones; inside is a small house with a light inside and a lighted white tree.  Designed and completed by Kay.   A wintry Christmas indeed!
Dot design with my figurine.
A Dot Cannon design using my figurine.