Emu Egg Art - enjoy and have a blessed day !
An original Kay design, this farm scene was designed and created for my brother, Aubrey.
A real working clock inside a decorated emu egg shell
Examples of lighthouses inside emu eggs.   The lighthouse in the egg on the left actually lights up!  It is a Thomas Kinkade lighthouse.  A lighthouse is carved into the back of the shell.  An emu shell has 3 distinct layers; the outer dark layer; an aqua layer and a white layer.  Carving the lighthouse removes the outer layer. Designs by Kay.
Wildlife Nest - an emu with 3 finch eggs in the nest.  Egg is mounted on a candle base.  A Russ Hagen design, made by Kay.
An emu painted white.  The egg hinges open; the top has holly leaves cut and hinged.  The leaves are worked with green seed beads.  A Kay design.
Winter Train - a Hallmark miniature train leaves a tunnel and crosses a lake.  There is a light behind the print in the back of the egg.  A Russ Hagen design, made by Kay.
This egg is a blue emu - natural color.  It is cut to hinge open and has a garden with a Teresa Fischer fairy resting against the flowers.   A Kay design.
Designed by Kay - this emu egg features Exchange Place in Kingsport, TN.
Tiger egg designed by Kay for my sister Jean on her birthday - which falls on Valentine Day.
Deer in forest.  Class egg taught in S.C., May 2008.  Designed by Kay.
This emu egg has a small Thomas Kinkade lighthouse inside.  The pictures show the front, the inside and the back.  Designs by Kay.
Another blue emu egg with a Thomas Kinkade lighthouse that lights up!  This egg is special because my Benny bought me the egg shell so I designed and made the egg for him!  The shell is cut with 3 doors that hinge open and is decorated with pearls and light sapphire stones.
Garden of Prayer - A blue emu shell, this egg was designed by Kay for a friend.  The print in the back is a Kinkade print and has a light behind it which is activated by a push button switch on the side of the egg.  The prayer bench was made by Benny; the top and edge are done in mosaic style using broken pieces of egg shells that are natural and/or painted.
A blue emu egg designed by Kay features a Kinkade lighted house in the snow.  Very pretty effects.
Emu egg designed by Kay for a friend features a woodland scene with a stream and a fisherman.
Emu has ice skater and lighted lamp post
Black emu has 2 doors in front that open.  Inside is an etched goose egg with a light inside.  Very impressive egg.   Kay's design.
Gone Golfing!  Designed by Kay.
A blue emu egg designed by Kay and taught to the S. C. Egg Art Guild.   Features scallops decorated with stones, pearls, cord and sawtooth.   Inside is a garden scene that has a light behind the pictures behind the seated lady.
Emu with chickadees nesting.
Class egg 2017.