WEDDING EGG -  This is an original design by Kay - made from the first ostrich egg shell I owned.  The shell was bought and given to me by my very patient husband, Benny!   I have made many of these; some for new brides and some for brides who have been married a time and want their cake topper preserved inside an egg.  Several new brides have used these eggs as cake toppers.   The egg in this picture uses a Wilton bride and groom and also has a music box.                         
See "Ostrich Egg Art" for more ostrich eggs!
I hope you enjoy the pages of pictures.   These are just a few examples of how egg shells can be cut and decorated.   I have designed many eggs for different and special occasions.   

Please enjoy browsing the pages on my index.   You'll find lots of things to look at!   And please keep coming back because I'll keep adding new pictures!

The pictures do not do justice to the beautiful eggs!   These eggs are decorated using genuine Swarovski jewels that sparkle so brightly.

Many thanks to some wonderful people who have encouraged me along the way!

Have a blessed day!