Enjoy these Christmas designs!

Nativity Egg - designed and taught by Kay at the August 18 class of the South Carolina Egg Art Guild.  Fun by all!  (adapted from Russ Hagen design)
Poinsettia Flowers - an Ostrich shell covered with beads and jewels.  A Dot Cannon design, made by Kay
A Tiger Christmas!!  An original design by Kay; produced for my brothers wonderful doctor, Dr. Tripp Jones.
Miniature tiger paws decorate the Christmas tree; handmade orange candies complete the decorations.
A rhea egg nativity scene.  The rock wall is hand made and has a light behind it.  The pictures above show the egg with the light on and off.
A design by Kay.
This rhea egg features a scene from a Christmas card mounted on the back of the egg with a light behind it.  In the foreground are the wise men.  An original design by Kay.
A design by Kay, this rhea egg features a Precious Moments grandma and her kitty in front of their Christmas tree.  The pictures show the egg door closed; the egg with the tree not lighted and the egg with the lights turned on.  
The goose egg above is an original - designed and painted by Kay.  This egg was featured in the IEAG Calendar in 2007 on the December page.  This same egg was entered in the Masters Judging contest but was not awarded a passing grade.  
Gingerbread house - a rhea egg with lots of hand made candies.  This egg was taught to the S. C. Egg Art Guild.  It is a Russ Hagen design, made by Kay.
A design by Kay, this rhea egg features shoppers in the snow.  The scene is extended to the door of the egg and has an ice skater and children playing in the snow.  The pictures above show the egg closed and open.  The lights on the lamp post work.
A design by Kay, this goose egg features lots of lattice and a Precious Moments December figurine inside.
This ornament was made for my dear brother, Aubrey.  This goose egg features a Thomas Kinkade print on the inside back and a Hallmark tractor.  Design by Kay.
design by Kay, this rhea egg features a lighted house, lighted lamp post and lighted Christmas tree.  
design by Kay, this egg features a lighted tree with a miniature boy and girl kneeling in prayer.
A design by Kay, this rhea egg features a lighted tree with lots of packages and toys and a Santa bear.
Rhea egg is cut to hinge open.  The holly leaves on top are hinged to open or close.   Kay's design.
A Dot Cannon design, this ostrich egg has mesh covering the openings and the mesh has flat back stones at each section.  Inside are snowbabies and a lighted tree.  Made by Kay at the Ohio Egg Show - class taught by Dot.
USC fans will like the Gamecock ornament; Clemson fans love the tiger ornament!  Both are designed by Kay.
Egg shell is cut around the poinsettia print.  Inside is a gingerbread house and hand made candies.  Kay's design.
Guinea egg shell has a chalked nativity inside.  Back has a lattice cut with flat back stones.
Silk print Guardian Angel ornament.
The ostrich egg above is one that was designed for the S. C. Egg Art Guild class.  The egg is very elegant and has a push button light switch that activates the light behind the nativity. This egg was designed and taught by Kay.
A silk print ornament, the egg was first painted the sky and ground colors before applying the print.
This blue emu egg was designed by Kay and features a lighted tree and a Kinkade print with a light behind it.  A Pipka Starlight santa is the focal point.
This egg was designed by Kay and features a Pipka Santa with a lighted tree.
Egg features a lighted tree and house with boys playing in the snow.  Designed and created by Kay for a great friend!
Examples of goose ornaments.
Blue bird ornament in pheasant egg with sapphire stones.  Designed and decorated by Kay.
Rhea eggs above are cut and 'extended' with filigree to house a tall nativity (left picture) and a santa (right picture).  Original design by Kay.
Rhea shell is painted blue inside and out.  
Designed by Kay.
Ostrich egg above has 3 lighted trees and a lighted lamppost with skaters on the ice pond.
This egg won first place and Sweepstakes at the 2010 S. C. State Fair.
Designed/made by Kay
This ostrich egg has 3 oval doors that hinge downward.  Each door has a snow scene.  The center of the egg is done with a revolving ice skater scene.
Egg designed by Kay - the door is cut to form poinsettia flower leaves and drops down at an angle to display a lighted tree and a sleigh filled with hand wrapped packages.  Paper punch flowers decorate the inside of the door and the side of egg.
A nativity with the star of Bethlehem.  Designed by Kay.
Ornaments above use glitter and punched flowers and leaves.  
White Christmas - designed by Dot Cannon.  Egg is completely covered with white beads and clear stones.  Tree has light inside.
Snow Baby - Dot Cannon design.